Dave Burns - Lead Vocals

Dave singingBurnsie has been with Top Banana from day one. His early musically influences were from one brother's love of folk music, and from the other brother's love of Deep Purple and Status Quo. Quickly getting bored with such rubbish he discovered punk including The Dammed, 999, Wires, Skids which started the love of all things fast.

It was at an Ultravox concert with John Foxx that there was another conversion to new wave and wearing make-up. Musically Burnsie's likes continued to change, and after a spell in Manchester the Stone Roses and Joy Division moved in to become a lasting feature in his playlists. So, on his iPod today are a wide range of old and new bands - recent additions enjoyed include Starsailor, Ed Harcourt, Cherry Ghost, and Al Green. These eclectic tastes have led to the eclectic style of the band and he says "long may it continue".

Richard Gleave - Lead/Rhythm Guitars

The most recent member, Richard has a long and succesful history in music, and as a young player supported Van Morrison, and Stevie Winwood. He has played in bands with many famous faces including making appearances on albums with such bands as Fairport Convention. Still with music at the core of his being, Richard has joined the Banana's after a couple of decades with The Curvy Love Dogz one of MK's best known bands, and brings much experience as well as expertees in music and song structures. A pal for John he has a wonderful technical knowledge of guitars and we look forward to many hours of interesting chats on the merits of different guitars and amps......zzzzz.

Pete Jelfs - Bass

Pete on bass

Pete has been playing the bass guitar in various formats for a very very long time. Originally from the Midlands and friend of the stars - a solid part of the Top Banana rythm section and occasionally enjoys a vocal moment - in controlled environments!

Cris Thomas - Drums

Cris on drums

Cris has played the drums for many years and has a great distinctive ROCK style! No fills are too big for Cris. A great asset to Top Banana and solid as a rock when setting the beat with Pete.

John Browning- Lead/Rhythm Guitar

John Browning - Lead/Rhythm GuitarJohn first picked up a guitar at 18 after he left school and was on the dole with nothing better to do. He learned his first few chords in a couple of weeks - that was over 30 years ago and he reckons he never really progressed from there (but we know better!) His first band was with his brother Andrew (bass), friend Chris (vocals) and next door neighbour Guy (drums). A guy called Tony Noronha sent an email round the company asking if anyone fancied starting a band for something to do in the evenings - Top Banana was the surprising result - and TB's first very nervous gig was on 18th September 1996 at the Rugby Club in Leighton Buzzard.